How Device Health Management Service Makes Your Work Better



First lets try to understand what Device Health Management System Is Basically About.

Many organizations are saddled with the responsibility of managing user’s laptops, just to ensure downtimes are eliminated as a result of unforeseen incidents. To do this, laptops maintenance are assigned to unqualified external technicians to fix or maintain without due course on data protection and quality/ authenticity of parts replaced.

With our Device Health Management Service (DHMS), we provide a platform for businesses of all sizes an opportunity to outsource the support and management of their official Laptops under a subscription based policy.  Our IT Support through offering our Device Health Management Service brings an end to all the challenges faced by the IT Department in (sourcing for good reliable technicians to repair/fix these laptops, saves the Department time and provides them space to focus on their main task. An essential part of the subscription plan is that companies are absolved of the need to keep business continuity laptops in the store.

Why would you have inventory of defective or malfunctioning systems as backup for staff as assets in your books? With the DHMS, loaner devices (stop-gap laptops) are made available to our subscribers as soon as staff device/ laptop is down and cannot be restored by us within 24 -48 hours. Our IT support services delivers only the best.

Device health management services can make your work easier in the following ways:

Proactive Monitoring: Device health management services can monitor your devices in real-time, allowing you to identify potential issues before they become critical. This can help prevent downtime and ensure that your devices are always up and running.

Remote Management: With device health management services, you can manage your devices remotely, without having to be physically present at the location. This can save you time and travel expenses.

Predictive Maintenance: By analyzing data on device usage and performance, device health management services can predict when maintenance is required, reducing the likelihood of unexpected downtime.

Asset Management: Device health management services can help you keep track of your devices, including their location, usage, and performance. This can make it easier to manage your inventory and plan for future upgrades.

Security: Device health management services can help you identify security risks and vulnerabilities in your devices, allowing you to take corrective action before a security breach occurs.

In summary, a device health management service can help you optimize your device performance, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity.

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