How to Set Up Your Windows 10 PC to Maximize Productivity

Basic Setup Options

Windows taskbar basics

All screenshots by the author.

More Taskbar Refinements

Hide People

A nice and healthy taskbar hides as many icons as possible.

Other Windows 10 Configurations

Notifications center allows you to quickly modify certain features.

Increase mouse sensitivity.

Windows Explorer

Quick access is a very powerful Windows 10 feature!

Windows 10 ribbon bar allows thousands of KeyTips that will save you tons of time.

Editing the registry to load Downloads folder by default.

Large icons doesn’t show any file/folder details except the name

Details view offer a complete vision of all the files

Quick note on Windows 10 Ribbon bar

Hidden Ribbon bar
Windows 10 Ribbon bar

Office 365

A simple nice-looking and productive quick access Excel toolbar

Key shortcuts (mainly for Excel)


Other Productivity Software

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